JANUARY 28th 2017 - How to increase your stress resilience, energy and wellbeing safely and naturally?

Come and learn nutritional, naturopathic, physical and psychological tools for improving your stress resilience and reducing the negative effects of stress, both mentally and physically.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • The physical effects of chronic stress and how to spot the warning signs
  • Nutrition for stress and how to avoid stress related symptoms such as gastrointestinal complaints and IBS
  • Develop healthier ways of responding to stress through Naturopathic and yogic interventions.
  • Learn specific breathing techniques to promote relaxation and peace within the body and mind.
  • Become familiar with medicinal herbs and flower remedies that can ease some common symptoms associated with stress.
  • Qigong-based self-relaxation exercises for calming the mind and emotions

You also get to enjoy and trial a selection of teas designed to help relaxation and which support the body during the times of stress.

The workshop will be led by registered nutritional therapist Taru Towers (BSc, mBANT, mCNHC), naturopathic practitioner Lisa-Marie Cresswel (BSc) and hypnotherapist and Qigong teacher Cheyne Towers.

Pre-paid tickets for the event are £20 and £25 on the door. You can buy your tickets HERE.

The event is three hours, from 10.30am to 1.30pm in Hargrave Hall, lower hall, London Archway N19 5HS (2 minutes from the tube station on the Northern Line). The venue is well serviced by public transport.