“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” - Buddha

Initial session  (1h) £85

To start our work, I will ask you to fill in an in-depth health questionnaire (to receive this form please CONTACT me). Please return the form to me preferably a day before our first consultation; this helps me to be more effective from the start. As with all our sessions, an email report with recommendations and resources is included.

Follow-up Consultations (~45 minutes)  £60

Follow-up sessions take place usually 4 weeks after our initial session. There is usually a four to six weeks between the follow-up sessions to allow you adequate time to put the recommendations in place.

12-week Weight Loss program  £465

This three month package will give you an individually tailored programme for safe and sustained weight loss based on your unique biochemical makeup and current health concerns. Follow-up appointments keep you informed, supported and motivated.

The package contains six individual sessions and a initial laboratory blood tests to map your unique biochemical profile, which provides precise information about your current health, metabolic and digestive capacity. 

Metabolic Balance Program  £700

Metabolic Balance is an internationally acclaimed programme run by certified MB coaches. For more information about the programme please click HERE

The fee includes laboratory testing, a personalised Metabolic Balance diet plan and seven consultations, during which we’ll map, record and support your progress. 


Talks and demonstrations as per event; do CONTACT me.

Online Dietary Intake Analysis & Recommendations report  £80

Based on your three-day food diary (submitted online), your dietary intake is analysed with professional nutritional analysis software, providing you with a detailed PDF document of the macro and micronutrient, fatty acid and nutrient composition of your diet. In addition to the dietary breakdown you will receive individual feedback and recommendations based on these results.

Hypnotherapy for weight management

Changing lifelong habits can be challenging, especially when they are related to food. To help you on this journey I work in conjunction with an experienced cognitive hypnotherapist - Cheyne Towers MBAThH, GQHP.

Cheyne’s five step programme for weight management is a combination of hypnosis and cognitive coaching. To learn more about this approach please click HERE.