R.T. is a busy PA working in her 20s, working in Central London. She was suffering from low energy and gut symptoms; she was constantly feeling "queasy". With food elimination we managed to identify food she was intolerant to and start building up her energy levels. We addressed some key lifestyle issues, and with some very simple and practical tools helped R.T to be more resilient to stresses of her work.

R.T: When I first went to see Taru I was in great discomfort and pain with my tummy and she was the most understanding and lovely person to talk to. I felt nervous about opening up to someone about my problems that I have kept mostly to myself for so long but she was so easy to talk to and open up to and made me feel at ease. Over the past few months Taru has guided me and been there any day and any time with her knowledge and support and I am so grateful to now have a better understanding of my body and my intolerances and I’m looking forward to seeing her again in the new year. I can’t thank you enough.

Food is information; how are you programming your cells?

Food is information; how are you programming your cells?

D.M is a zesty, sparkly middle-aged woman who wanted to lose weight and improve her energy levels. Her work requires her to stay on top of her health and also her physical stature. We implemented simple changes which she found worked with her very long working hours, with no access to kitchen and having simply a kettle and a microwave oven in her use on her workdays.  Our main changes were in finding foods, that work in this scenario; we also worked on eating behaviour and triggers for (excess or non-required) eating.

D.M. "Working with Taru has changed my life, after over 25 years of endless dieting and misery I have finally found someone to answer all my questions regarding my health and weight issues. Taru has given me an education and the tools to help myself with the most fantastic support. There is never any judgement just a lot of fun, laughter and the most wonderful help. Above all working with Taru gets results, I have never felt better!"

Some have estimated that 70% of chronic diseases could be prevented with the right diet and lifestyle

Some have estimated that 70% of chronic diseases could be prevented with the right diet and lifestyle

F.B is a young and talented fashion and textile designer, who suffered from debilitating gastro-intestinal symptoms and fatigue. Our work focussed around improving her digestive capacity and balancing the gut ecology, which had suffered from long standing stress. After some testing we excluded some foods for a limited period and included therapeutic, nutrient dense and easily digestible foods. F.Bs work required a lot of travel and long hours, and it was important that the program was realistic in these changing, challenging settings.  In three sessions, F.Bs symptoms reduced dramatically while her energy and cognitive ability increased. While this was not her aim, F.B also naturally lost some weight, for which she was delighted for.

F.B. "I am so grateful for having Taru recommended to me. Her advice and expertise has taught me to truly understand the importance of nutrition and general well being. It has not been the easiest of journeys, but her support over the last few months has been invaluable."


With this case I was called in to see a elderly hindu grandmother originally from India. The family  was worried about the grandmother's recent loss of energy, weight and changed bowel habits. We had a long discussion on what interventions and changes would be realistic for the this 3-generation family to put in place and in keeping with their strict religious diet. I was delighted to receive this testimonial, as it was apparent that not only the grandmother, but the whole family had benefitted from the session.

"It was lovely to have Taru around for our initial consultation. Her observations and recommendations have now had a massive impact on the health and well-being of my family. We are all more alert, more energised and a lot more relaxed thanks to the vitamin supplements and diet plan Taru had suggested. Not only did Taru recommend a health diet plan, but it fitted in with us being a strict Hindu and vegetarian family. I would highly recommend Taru to help make a difference to the daily lives of those in need of a nutritional diet plan ( especially for the elderly)."  CR (grandson)

Mrs A.N. is a sole-trader and a mother of two beautiful small children. She’d been suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue and had lost a lot of weight over the past six months. Medical investigations didn’t provide explanations and A.N. didn’t feel right about the long-term medication.

We conducted some tests and put in place a food plan with safe, easily digestible and nutrient dense foods. A.N. re-gained her energy levels and regular bowel movements. She’s still actively implementing the interventions, while also enjoying the summer and her time off with the family.

“Thank you so much for the consultations and for being such a big help and a very positive influence. I feel much more confident about my diet and more optimistic about the future”

With Mr H (63yrs), we are working through approaches to support his kidney and cardiovascular health, which have been a source of concern for him. From a starch and sugar-heavy diet we’ve been moving towards a more whole food based diet, supporting the body’s own anti-ageing processes.

“It’s important that we all realise how nutrients affect the body. My sessions with Taru made me look at my diet in a totally different way and l have incorporated a great deal of the things she recommended. “

With Ms F, we worked on weight management. Working on eating patterns and macronutrient intakes, Ms F not only reached her goal weight (loss of 7kg /1stone) but also she managed this without any sensations of hunger or cravings. In fact, many of her cravings dropped off after a few weeks on her plan. She’s now energised, upbeat and positive about the future.

“I was not hungry, didn’t feel deprived and now understand what works for my body. I also now have a plan for life – many thanks Taru!”

Mrs. SL came to see me due to symptoms of indigestion, stomach cramps, bloating and changes in bowel movement. She was also constantly fatigued and was wondering if she was hitting the menopause early. She felt really rough, and was powering herself on with lots of coffee, while trying to reduce feelings of stress with a few glasses of wine every evening. Through testing, we discovered some food intolerances and after removing these offending foods we focussed on optimising digestion and healing the inflamed gut. Symptoms reduced quickly and while Mrs. SL is now able to eat some of the troublesome foods in small quantities, she’s also tuned-in to the signals her body gives her.

“The process of doing the consultations with Taru has been fascinating. I’ve learned about myself and my body, and I’ve learned to understand the connections between stress and food and how I feel.”

Semi-retired Mr. HM came to see me for weight loss. In his testimonial, he wrote his case out, so I’ll let you read his words (later on, after providing this testimonial, Mr. HM made a new goal of 85kg, and is well on his way towards this). The weight loss here also resulted in better, less laboured breathing, allowing Mr. HM to engage in his favourite exercises with more vigour.

‘Taru was recommended to me and after obtaining my blood test and list of my medication from my GP I made an appointment with her.  She spent over 1.30 hrs taking me through an in-depth initial assessment and identifying my personal needs. During this assessment I gained an enormous amount of information and awareness of my habits and patterns of eating. The initial assessment concluded with Taru designing a programme with me that suited my needs and habits.

I made a commitment to this programme and have managed to reduce my bread & sugar intake and stop eating in between my meals.  As a result of this my weight has dropped in two weeks from 95kg to 92kg.  I used to graze most of the day and now I eat three times a day.  With Taru’s dietary suggestions I feel so much better and do not feel hungry at all. This is a work in progress and I am sure that I can reach my target goal of 90kg.  I must admit the first week was hard work but Taru supported me throughout and as she knows I love food she sent me new recipes to try out which acted as a motivation.”

Feedback from my Workshops

One part of my work is communicating about health, healthy eating and how to put this in practice at home.  I have experience in conducting nutrition workshops in businesses and corporations around London.

Here’s some feedback from one of my full-day nutrition workshops from the HR of Intel. “It was an absolute pleasure having Taru here with us today, it provided us with a fun and educational, not to mention delicious, distraction from the usual Monday here in the office!”

Here's is a selection of feedback from the participants of various workshops I've done:

  • “Very informative and well delivered – I feel more confident about knowing more about cholesterol now” "Much more aware not what cholesterol is and how it works in our body and what foods to eat and avoid"  (Cholesterol Workshop 2016) 
  • “Very informative talk. Loved learning about cortisol and stress management”  "Taru was very informative, an excellent tutor” (Stress and Digestion Workshop 2016)  
  •  “This was very enjoyable – could have been longer. I think we need more this kinds of workshops” “Lovely relaxed style, vibrant personality. Helped me to absorb information. Great mix of theory and practical information. Lots more sessions like this please” (Healthy Fats Workshop 2015)