The future of healthcare lies in individual approaches and understanding of our biochemical uniqueness. It is only recently however, that the tools to adequately map these have become available for healthcare professionals.

Genetic testing is a way of acquiring information which contributes to a wider understanding of our health. It enables us to find and identify possible mutations (SNPs or single-nucleotide polymorphisms) in our genetic inheritance. It has been found that some these mutations may have an effect on our health; they may increase or decrease our risk factors for chronic disease or affect our ability to handle certain nutrients or dietary components. They may also affect our body functions such as detoxifications, tissue regeneration or hormone production.

Having a wider understanding regarding our genetic inheritance informs the preventative work, which we can do via appropriate diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. For example,  knowledge of a DNA mutation which increases the risk for cardiovascular disease may prompt the start of a heart-protective diet and lifestyle, which would support heart health and prevent complications.

We currently offer four different genetic testing profiles by Nordic Laboratories:

  • DNA HEALTH is the most comprehensive out of the four and focuses on SNPs associated with eight important biological processes, which are key factors in the onset of chronic disease. These are: cholesterol metabolism, methylation, detoxification, oxidative stress, inflammation, insulin metabolism, bone health, iron metabolism.
  • DNA DIET focuses on the changes in the genes associated with energy expenditure, metabolism and appetite.
  • DNA ESTROGEN tests for the genes associated with hormone biosynthesis, metabolism and detoxification.
  • DNA SPORT tests for the genes associated with muscle power type, endurance, tendon and tissue health and recovery.

The price includes the test (and shipping of the sample to the laboratory), your personal report and a 90-minute consultation to interpret the results. The costs are as follows:

DNAHealth £330  DNA Diet/Oestrogen/Sport £280 each