How to optimise Metabolism - Does the order we eat our food matter?

The order in which we eat our veg, protein and starches has an impact of what happens inside of us hormonally. A study from New York’s Cornell Medical College found, that eating your proteins and non-starchy vegetables before starches can mellow the rise in blood sugar and insulin levels after the meal.

Why is this useful? Because quick rises in blood sugar call for more substantial insulin secretions, which can over a period of time have negative effects on your overall hormonal health. For those watching their weight, starting with protein and vegetables is also beneficial as these often require more thorough chewing. This longer eating duration gives time for the satiety signal to be generated and reach your brain, naturally reducing the desire to eat more.

Substantial rises and falls in blood sugar are a concern especially for diabetics, but all of us benefit from paying attention to our blood sugar balance. A steady blood sugar balance will result in steady energy levels and clear cognition throughout the day.

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